Three Minute Improvisation: October 23, 1972 - Milwaukee, WI

Cover image by Saul Steinberg

Every once in a while, the live ’72-’74 Grateful Dead spontaneously produced what seems like a perfect, finished composition. This one is amazing. A string trio as Harmonia or Fred Frith might have approached it. The ultimate refinement of the GD feedback/space concept. Why wasn’t there more of this?

320kbps mp3 file here

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I could have gone to see this if I wasn't only 9 years old at the time. Thanks
YES I hear the Harmonia! Scintillating organic beauty in this one. Was this in the middle of a Dark Star?
Shane! Glad you found this and love it as much as I do! Yes, it was at the tail end of the post-Dark Star exploration. You can hear "Half Step" start up at the fade-out.
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