Three Minute Improvisation: October 23, 1972 - Milwaukee, WI

Every once in a while, live Grateful Dead spontaneously produced what seems like a perfect, finished composition. This one is arguably the greatest example of what I've started calling Dead "chamber music".  Suddenly the band is a string trio, it sounds like they are bowing their instruments, and the piece they are playing is moody and gorgeous. It's 1972's sophisticated update of the gentle drones that concluded "Feedback" in 1969. Why wasn’t there more of this?

320kbps mp3 file here

Cover image by Saul Steinberg

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I could have gone to see this if I wasn't only 9 years old at the time. Thanks
YES I hear the Harmonia! Scintillating organic beauty in this one. Was this in the middle of a Dark Star?
Shane! Glad you found this and love it as much as I do! Yes, it was at the tail end of the post-Dark Star exploration. You can hear "Half Step" start up at the fade-out.
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