The Rolling Stones: Respectable (1989-2012)

Last month (April 2020), The Rolling Stones dropped an excellent new song, “Living in a Ghost Town.” It has been 15 years since the band’s last album of originals, with new compositions released only occasionally on greatest hits compilations.

The mix presented here is a studio highlights reel curated by someone who has no significant history with 1989-present Stones. It pays no attention to any criteria but satisfying my personal desires as a 1968-1981 Stones super-fan. It’s full of b-sides and deep cuts, and it ignores a number of supposedly big songs from the era. My goals were authenticity and an avoidance of redundancy. (A few cool tracks got cut because they just didn’t fit.)

If you’re a Stones fan who has forgotten or never heard most of these songs, this mix is for you. You’ll find tracks that hit every historical Stones mode, from blues to ballads to bombast. And Keith songs.

96-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

LP 1:

  • Doom & Gloom
  • Let Me Down Slow
  • Saint of Me
  • How Can I Stop
  • Biggest Mistake
  • Break the Spell
  • Jump on Top of Me
  • Anybody Seen My Baby
  • Thief in the Night
  • Laugh, I Nearly Died
  • Always Suffering

LP 2:

  • I Go Wild
  • I’m Gonna Drive
  • Keys to Your Love
  • Any Way You Look at It
  • New Faces
  • The Worst
  • Thru and Thru
  • Lowdown
  • Fancyman Blues
  • Almost Hear You Sigh
  • Don’t Stop

Cover art by Martin Whatson, used without permission.