Shakedown Street: ’79 Jams

This mix celebrates Brent Mydland’s arrival on “Shakedown Street” in 1979 and the particularly excellent “disco Dead” that resulted. I’ve chosen seven 1979 performances to edit to semi-instrumentals: intro > solo section > final chorus & jam.

1979 is arguably the most deeply funky year for “Shakedown Street,” early Brent being exactly what the song - and the rest of the band - had been waiting for. Things really go to outer space in the Halloween performance. 

The seven versions presented here are those for which there’s a soundboard recording that makes every player clearly audible and present – ensuring a properly syncopated and detailed groove. 

“Shakedown Street” is not as easy to edit as many other Dead songs, but it only requires two splices, so I hope you’ll put up with a few moments of awkwardness in exchange for the extended, jammy experience. 

71-minute mp3 mix here

  • 8/13/79 (7:52)
  • 8/31/79 (10:10)
  • 10/25/79 (10:57)
  • 10/31/79 (13:43)
  • 11/25/79 (9:23)
  • 11/29/79 (8:21)
  • 12/26/79 (10:24) 

Cover art: Richard Biffle

19 responses
Exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Thanks John. Were you at all tempted to slip in 11/20/78 Cleveland as an honorary 79?
Michael, this was strictly a Mydland joint. However, I did include the performance you mention on this Keith-era, early-Shakedown-centric mix:
Very excited to hear this. Thanks. Loved the Space 95 mix, by the way, since I never got the chance to comment on that post.
Feeling a bit blue these days and this funky manna from heaven made the night a bit brighter. Much thanks!
Just what I needed on a down day!
Andy and Michael, sorry to hear that you're down, but glad to throw some happy music your way.
Thank you for this John! Shakedown is my jam!
Thanks John for my soundtrack to life the last 3 days. You are a true artist man! Please keep putting treats like this together.
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