Grateful Dead: U. Maryland ’81 Jams (March 7)

This mix compiles the extensive jammy material from the Dead’s Spring ’81 Cole Field House show. Check out the track list and timings to get a sense of what’s special about this show. Jesse Jarnow breaks it down here.

The source is Barry Glassberg’s excellent audience tape. I have added gentle segues to connect Bird Song to Lost Sailor and Jam to Truckin’, so the only pause is between Black Peter and Deal. Songs are in as-played order, except for the placement of Deal as the big finale.

73-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Bird Song (17:08)
  • Lost Sailor > (6:10)
  • Saint of Circumstance > (9:20)
  • Jam (9:27)
  • Truckin’ > (11:39)
  • Black Peter (9:16)
  • Deal (10:04)
11 responses
I'm really particularly loving these '81 compilations. Such a sweet, oft-overlooked peak. The Brent/Jerry interplay is spectacular. Thanks for making these.
Sam, I'm having the same experience of great Brent/Jerry interplay. I think I may prefer Brent's playing and sounds in this period better than later on.
Drive a stake through my heart with this stuff, you are killing me! Tonight I was dreaming of converting my brother, a Stones guy, to The Dead with the Jam from the 9/11/74 show you just posted. He'll never accept it though, and can't just relax and deal with pure beauty. I haven't had time to catch up with these posts. These instrumental compilations make my drive to work seem way too short.
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