Grateful Dead - Shortlist: May 26, 1995 - Seattle, WA

Just 20 concerts from the end of their career, the Grateful Dead turned in a fantastic performance, featuring a setlist full of 1970s jam numbers, sung and played with enthusiasm. Garcia is lit, throughout, playing enthusiastically and thoughftully, all the time, and taking advantage of his voice being in great shape. The “Fire on the Mountain” is particularly great on all fronts, including Garcia's vocal enthusiasms. Definitely a version to bookmark.

With the exception of “Eternity > Don’t Ease,” which closed the first set, the tracks on this mix are in the order played. “Help on the Way” opened the show. If you enjoy these highlights, you should check out the whole show. It’s more consistent than plenty of shows from plenty of other years – all the more surprising at such a late date.

Many thanks to Andrew Rooney @ramblinroon for turning me on to this show.

90-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

Disc One (48 minutes):

  • Help on the Way > Slipknot! >
  • Franklin’s Tower
  • Scarlet Begonias >
  • Fire on the Mountain

Disc Two (40 minutes):

  • Playin’ in the Band >
  • Uncle John’s Band
  • Improvisation 1
  • Improvisation 2
  • Improvisation 3
  • Eternity Jam >
  • Don’t Ease Me In

Cover art: Jack Kirby & Mike Royer

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This is a great show, for any era. And unexpectedly great for 95. I’m excited to download it. Thanks for posting it. By the way, the “Stella blue” from thid show is magnificent. Possibly my favorite in the band’s career.
Ha! This is that third show. Good SB, but not as great as some from '94, IMO. But as we both noted, a great show for any era, and my mix is aimed at the jammy core, rather than all good songs.
Yes, 94 has some killer/overlooked shows. (f you can post the Scarlet>Fire from 10/14/94 some time, I'd be so grateful.)
Awesome. Thanks.I missed that post previously. Will download now.
PS: I did download a separate fall 94 post of yours, as well as spring 94. Great stuff. Much appreciated.
Incredible show. Remember them opening w that help on the way chord. Knew that was huge back then! Scarlet fire too! Told my buddy to shut up during Stella blue! Glad I did. Check out the scarlet fire from the year before in Seattle ‘! Absolutely incredible. One of the best of the era
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