Grateful Dead Shortlist: June 11, 1993 (Hebron, OH - Instrumental Edit)

The band just wanted to jam and jam at Buckeye Lake in 1993, and this mix offers an entirely instrumental edit of a large portion of the show, including a mighty, seven minute “Foolish Heart.”

The show's mix was terrible for vocals but big and shiny in all other respects, with prominent, wiry, funky Phil throughout.

One-hour mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Eyes of the World (instr. edit)
  • Playin’ Jam >
  • Uncle John’s Band > (instr. edit)
  • Corrina (inst. edit)
  • Improv: Drums 1 >
  • Improv: Drums 2
  • Improv: Space >
  • The Wheel (instr. edit)
  • Foolish Heart (instr. edit)
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I don't see a link to download this.
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DC, it's there now!
was just thinking about how I need some 90s dead to get thru Election Day! also now that I've finally seen Mononoke, I love this blog even more. thanks for everything, dude
Awesome. Thanks.
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