Grateful Dead Shortlist: April 15, 1983 - Rochester, NY

This 44-minute mix captures the funky, disco side of the Dead on 4/15/83. It was the only show they ever played that included “Feel Like a Stranger,” “Shakedown Street,” and “Supplication” - and they’re all very nice takes!

Additionally, the “Brother Esau” is superb and slinky, and the “Deal” is fiery. 

This is a hit and miss show: Great sound, but frequent annoying performance errors, some creaky vocals, and some slow songs that really droop. Dave Lemieux added the show’s “He’s Gone > Bob Star” as a bonus track to “Dave’s Picks” #39.

I think that with these additional tracks, you’ve probably got all you need from this show.

44-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Feel Like a Stranger
  • Shakedown Street
  • My Brother Esau
  • Supplication
  • Deal

Cover image swiped from Wicked Grateful. You can buy a sticker here.

10 responses
I love your blog. These curated mixes are just fantastic. I really appreciate all the hard work. Thank you so much!
You're welcome, Doc! Thanks for commenting.
First those 82 mixes and then this one from 83!! I haven't listened to much of either of those years, such a treat with your curation.
Thanks, Kevin B! Early '80s love is a fairly new thing for me, too.
Thanks John, looks good. Although I added Maybe You Know and He's Gone > Bob Star to fill out the mix. Also, guessing you're not a fan of Lazy Lightning...?
Jake, I AM a fan of Lazy Lightning! But it's such a tightly scripted composition/arrangement that less-than-perfect versions rarely make it past my filter. However, I do think Supplication is way more important/rewarding tune.
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