Grateful Dead: October ’83 (17th & 18th – Lake Placid & Portland)

Here are 90 minutes of unreleased October 1983 Grateful Dead in well-mixed soundboard recordings.

There are three official, whole-show releases from 1983, all from the Fall – 9/2, 10/14, and 10/21. This mixtape mines a SBD sweet spot in between those two October shows, from back-to-back, single-show, two-state stops: Lake Placid, NY and Portland, ME.

Each of these soundboards suffers from bad mixing in a lot of places (mostly quiet Weir guitar), but the good sound and good performances align in enough places to produce a sturdy little 2-LP mix with punch. Thick Lesh throughout.

90-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

Disc 1: 10/17/83 Lake Placid, NY (55 minutes)

  • Sugaree
  • Bird Song
  • Hell in a Bucket
  • Deal
  • To Lay Me Down

Disc 2: 10/18/83 Portland, ME (48 minutes)

  • They Love Each Other
  • Dupree’s Diamond Blues
  • China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
  • Supplication
  • Jam >
  • Not Fade Away


  • The 10/17 “Sugaree” was the show opener. Weir’s guitar gets too loud for a stretch, but it’s otherwise quite epic (16:22), so I resisted editing the weird passage out. 
  • Healy or whoever often seems to have suppressed Weir’s guitar during verses/choruses, but he chimes brightly in most places on each of these songs. 
  • If you’re wondering about the second set of 10/17, it’s a good performance, but the mix is shrill, compared to the first set. Only “To Lay Me Down” made it through my filter. 

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This is such a service to fellow heads. I love this era (most eras, including this one), and love to put your mixes on and know that I'm about to hear some really good Grateful Dead that sounds good and that I haven't heard before. Thank you!
Sam! "... hear some really good Grateful Dead that sounds good and that I haven't heard before." That's exactly the mission I'm on. So glad you're enjoying the ride. Thank you for the comment.
Thank you for your artistic curation! I think Portland was my second show. Saw them only in Maine ! Really enjoying your site!
You've been finding some great pics for covers. I'm using the inner circle image from the Oct '85 post as part of the cover for my '70 acoustic album. Can't wait to share it but so much work to go on the album yet. Thanks as always
Thanks so much for digging into the early '80s!
Thanks for the comments. I'm excited by the early '80s in a way I haven't been since a half-dozen tapes were part of my primary rotation a long time ago. Seems like '94 curation is mostly about avoiding Garcia errors, whereas early-80s curation is mostly about avoiding Healy errors. When you can hear everyone, equitably, it turns out the band was consistently good-to-great a lot of the time.
I'd been an avid fan of the 'Lake Acid' recording since I got a cassette of the 2nd set many years ago. Have to say that this is my first exposure to the next night and your mix really blew me away with each selection. Not sure I've heard a Duprees as focused and happening as this one, that's an all time TLEO, and *then* we consider the jammy material - all of which was truly chicken flesh exciting to these ears. Great job!
t_b, thanks for this comment. I agree about that TLEO! Both these shows were new to me.
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