Grateful Dead - May ’77 Edits: O-Peggy, Sugarfree, and Broad-Hipped Women

This post collects three stray Save Your Face edits of May 1977 Grateful Dead. One is new, one was shared only on twitter, and one was previously posted on this blog. All three concepts were suggested by listeners. 

Additionally, you’ll find mixes of May 1977 “Fire on the Mountain” and “Dancin’ in the Streets" performances on Save Your Face, if you poke around. 

43-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

Brown-Eyed Women (12 minutes) 

An extended version that includes the solo sections of nine May 1977 performances. May 28 leads off and provides the first vocal section and solo. The closing vocal section comes from 5/8. The month’s BEW solo sections lasted 40-60 seconds each.

Sugaree (10 minutes)

An instrumental edit of the May 19, 1977 performance. It was the longest of the month.

Peggy-O (21 minutes) 

Same approach as with “Brown Eyed Women.” The beginning and end (with the sung sections) are provided by May 9. In between, there are an additional eight solo sections from the month’s performances. Most of the solo sections are ~1:45 in length. May 11 is the longest at 2:30. I skipped one version which doesn't circulate in a good SBD or AUD recording. Only one comes from a non-official source.

OCD notes: For BEW, I sequenced to conceal tempo changes, so it would simulate a continuous, relentless solo break. For Peggy-O, I shuffled tempo here and there, so that the repetition of the instrumental break’s arc would be disrupted by some mood/body shifts. 

6 responses
Thank you for the Peggy-O mix, it really made my day.
Thanks man 5-77 brings the sunshine again! I love the tempo changes in the Peggy-O mixes.
KB and Parrothead - glad you're digging the edit! Thanks for suggesting it, KB!
This is genius! More please. So pleasing to listen to the endless solo sections woven together.
Paul, I'm glad you're enjoying these. They are not edits I'd have thought of, but I'm glad listeners encouraged me to make them. I wish I could correct some things, but if I didn't make these edits fairly fast, they'd never happen.
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