Grateful Dead: July 10, 1990 - Raleigh, NC

This mix presents 78 minutes from an unreleased concert with an extraordinary second set. It was one of Brent Mydland’s final shows. Video of the full concert aired as a “Shakedown Stream” in 2020.

The show was a perfect storm of sorts. The first set transpired in miserable heat and humidity, periodic rain, and a thunderstorm that cut the power in the middle of a song. Then the rain ended, the sun went down, a little breeze kicked up, and a monster second set blew us away.

This mix provides the full second set, minus the opening “Iko Iko,” “Drums,” and “Space.” The former was made mushy by Hornsby guesting on accordion, and the latter weren’t very interesting. Fortuitously, I found a way to flow the “Playin’ Jam” into “The Other One” so smoothly that you’ll never find the edit. 

Seemed like the the “album experience” had to lead with the second set, so several terrific first set songs became an extension of the “Brokedown” encore. 

78-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Playin’ in the Band >
  • Uncle John’s Band >
  • Playin’ Jam
  • The Other One >
  • Stella Blue >
  • Not Fade Away
  • Brokedown Palace
  • Friend of the Devil
  • Loser
  • Big River

Cover: Rothko, Untitled (Blue, Green, and Brown)

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Whoops, fixed, thanks!
Thanks for all your hard work, much appreciated!
If anyone's helped me appreciate the last half-dozen years of O.G.G.D., it's you with your thoughtfully, insightfully alchemical audio-editing skills. I had a dozen lame arena experiences with the Dead in those years so that I'd pretty much given up seeking out latter-day recordings. You've been proving me wrong about my myopia for years now. Today, you got me with this: "...Then the rain ended, the sun went down, a little breeze kicked up, and a monster second set blew us away..." Because we've all been to outdoor shows of any band where things began in crap, chaos and gloom and then: transmogri-fucking-cation! My point being only this: Your words once again led me to listen to a Dead show I might have passed by. Can't thank you enough.
Joshua, thank you for this comment! It's great to have my appreciation of the band's final years corroborated and to know I've helped people discover what's great about them. Thanks also for the kind words about the way I slice-and-dice the music and my little written introductions. - John
Right on, JH! And as you well know, there are music circles even today wherein the "truly enlightened" rail against any editing/transposing/altering of tapes AT ALL. (Some Zep gangs I've know for 30 years come to mind: "Empress Valley's release of Ft. Worth 2nd Night has an extra 92 seconds of muffled audience noise/sounds of vomiting after 'Stairway' and therefore must be considered the most complete yet!") Etc... I mean why? We ain't going at the original reel-to-reels with an Exacto knife. What you do (what I've been amateurishly doing for years, so my girlfriends hear Exacto what I want them to, and not some "Space/Drums" vortex being sucked into a black hole by bad brown acid in Kansas City or whatever) is called editing with a PURPOSE! I mean hell, you can watch the 47.5 years of footage Coppola shot for "Apocalypse Now" or you can watch the movie "Apocalypse Now" with its Oscar-winning editing by Richard Marks and Walter Murch. I'm not entirely joking.
Joshua, LOL. Yeah, I figure that since the internet provides streaming access to the best available (circulating) recording of every show, there's no reason for anyone to object to someone making various kinds of mixes. There was a podcast that introduced me to the phrase "ways to Dead."
Great stuff! I love these "album experience" mixes.
Thanks, Jake!
Summer 90 was my first full tour. My memories of Carter Finley were that it was really far from the other shows. Also, I bought tickets for a high school friend who had moved to the Carolinas, and who ended up not showing. I still have his unused stubs and I'm still holding that grudge. On the way back north to RFK we stopped at the Phillip Morris factory and we got to see cigarettes being made and we all got a free pack of smokes. Again, I have no idea how in pre-internet/cell phone days we ever found out about things like factory tours, or hooked up with friends from out of state. I do appreciate revisiting these shows because as a 20 year old, being on the road may have distracted me from some of the music in the moment. Love these mixes. I took a shot at remixing the After Midnight Jerry Kean College release, cutting out the Ozzie Ahler keyboard solos. (Sorry, love his sound as accompaniment, but the solo organ sound on that show is just not right for me.) I did a pretty amazing job (if I do say so) with every song except How Sweet. Just could not get a perfect edit on that one. If you have any interest in a listen I can reach out to you on twitter.
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