Grateful Dead: Jamming at The Scope 1982 (Norfolk, VA – April 3)

1982 seems to be a tough year for SBDs that capture full-spectrum, six-member Grateful Dead. Weir’s guitar comes and goes, and Phil’s bass is too often subterranean – hitting on the low end, but not really present as a melodic string part, weaving its way through the rhythmic/harmonic tapestry. Vocals/verses sometimes sound puny, compared to the jamming. 

The SBD mix of this April 3, 1982 Norfolk, Virginia show’s second set gets close to the good place, and the playing is all you’d ask for. Phil could occupy a lot more mid-range in this mix, but I’m not going to quibble, given the options.

The whole show is well played (stream link below), but the first set has a different mix with very little bass. So, for this short mixtape I've stuck to the second set's thicker sound and its jammier moments. I edited a couple of songs down to instrumental (or nearly-instrumental) versions to avoid some not-well-mixed song parts that break the momentum and clarity of all this open playing. 

Where did this beautiful, swinging “Eyes” comes from, in an era of skittery, too-fast takes? 

52-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Scarlet Begonias (instr. edit) >
  • Fire on the Mountain >
  • Estimated Prophet (edit) >
  • Eyes of the World
  • Jam >
  • Not Fade Away

If you enjoy these highlights, stream the whole show in the latest Charlie Miller SBD master on the archive, posted August 2018.

If you’re wondering where this music fits in with official releases, the adjacent April 5-6 shows were released as a Road Trip, and two summer 1982 shows have been released in full. 

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Hey John! Wonderful your your art choices...and thanks for sharing/editing musical choices that I might have otherwise missed.
Alan, thank you for this generous comment.
Hey John, just recently found your mixes and have been enjoying them immensely. I was particularly pleased to see that someone enjoyed '94 as much as me! Anyway, my friend found this recent thread and thought it might be of interest to you.
Hello. This is the link that my friend neglected to post. Would love to see "The Dark Star Set"!
I've been dreaming lately of any of the various current Dead related bands tackling a "Dark Star Set," in which, obviously, the whole set was one long performance of Dark Star. The song would weave through various thematic jams that characterized many of the pre-hiatus Dark Stars, as well as a good deal of spacey jams. Does anyone know of anything like this being attempted? If not, please shove this in front of Jow Russo's face so JRAD can do it. Here would be my dream: Duo Jam (4 minutes) -> Dark Star Intro/Jam 1 (9 minutes) -> Mind Left Body Jam 2 (5 minutes) -> Dark Star V1 (3 minutes) -> Space/Breakdown (5 minutes) -> Drums (3 minutes) -> Feelin' Groovy Jam 3 (4 minutes) -> Tighten Up Jam 4 (5 minutes) -> Jam (6 minutes) -> Spanish Jam 5 (4 minutes) -> Tiger Jam (3 minutes) -> Philo Stomp 6 (7 minutes) -> Dark Star Jam (4 minutes) -> Dark Star V2 (3 minutes) -> Jam (7 minutes) -> We Bid You Goodnight Jam (4 minutes) 1 - See the first 12 minutes of the 9/21/1972 Dark Star for an example 2 - See 12/2/1973 Dark Star 3 - See 11/8/1969 Dark Star for a great early example. 4 - See 1/2/1970 Dark Star starting at 22:50 5 - See 6/23/1974 Dark Star at 18:30 6 - See 11/13/1972 Dark Star for a good example of a Tiger-ish Jam going into the Philo Stomp
Hi, Jordan and Jordan's Friend! This would be extremely cool. Might be hard from a sound POV, with all those different mixes, but it would be awesome to have all those "pieces" in one big flow. Copying your sequence/source suggestions, so I will not lose them.
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