Grateful Dead: April 17, 1982 – Hartford, CT

I’ve been listening to this set for more than three decades. I rank the “Shakedown Street” as a top 10, and the soundboard quality available today makes it that much better. In addition to clarity, the set has gained some much-needed Phil Lesh. (Thank you, Dalton/Miller/Klugston!)

There’s a different SBD source for the first set, and I like a few tunes, but they don’t belong with this second set. Of the second set, I haven’t omitted very much – a Drums/Space that are nothing special, and the last three songs of the set (Wharf Rat, Around & Around, and Saturday Night). None of them are bad, and the mix is always good, but I just don’t think they’re exemplary in any way. I don’t need to keep them as close as the rest of the set. 

I listened to this tape so much back in the day that I began to expect the yuk-yuk-duck sounds Weir makes in UJB (4:24) in every version of the song.

One-hour mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Shakedown Street
  • Lost Sailor >
  • Saint of Circumstance >
  • Jam > Spanish Jam
  • Uncle John’s Band >
  • Not Fade Away
  • It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
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as always, thank you - I'm super busy during the week; and suffer from more than a little bit of decision paralysis when it comes to what Dead shows to listen always point me toward a gem. it's also cool, I travel for work a lot to Hartford and stay near what was once the Civic this will be classic road listening for me...(I think I see my company's corporate hq in the postcard too)...
Jim Martin, thanks for this comment. This whole blog/mixtape adventure is my own attempt to conquer that paralysis and end up with a good jukebox.
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