Grateful Dead: 30 Days of Dead - 1994 Selections

Official Dead curator Dave Lemieux has used the annual “30 Days of Dead” event to highlight and release extraordinary, individual Dead performances from shows the haven’t been released in full and perhaps never will be.

This mix melds Dave’s big-jam selections from 1994 into a single, volume-equalized, segued, trip. “Eyes of the World” appeared twice in Dave’s 1994 picks, and I chose to omit the 7/3/94 version that preceded this “Fire on the Mountain.”

Only one 1994 show has been released in full (10/1/94), on the “30 Trips Around the Sun” box. This mix provides a more concentrated Lemieux-curated case for 1994 being great - a take that I wholeheartedly agree with. 

mp3 mix zipped up here 

  • Feel Like a Stranger (10/19/94)
  • Shakedown Street (10/15/94)
  • Playin’ in the Band > (10/05/94)
  • Uncle John’s Band > Jam (10/05/94)
  • Saint of Circumstance (09/19/94)
  • Victim or the Crime > (06/26/94)
  • Eyes of the World (06/26/94)
  • Fire on the Mountain (07/03/94)

Art by Leo Morey

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I'm excited to download this one. Thanks. I was at the 10/19/94 show-- and the "Stranger" from that evening has an incredible, lengthy end-jam. Also, I'm glad you picked the Playin>UJB from 10/5. That may be the best show of the Fall '94 tour, and the Playin>UJB jam really goes far. Personally, I'm very partial to the entire MSG Fall '94 run. (You've previously celebrated it with some key picks, including the legendary "Fire" from 10/14.) Keep up the good work.
Thanks for keeping us in steady supply of Dead. Lately I've been digging into your late '72 selections as well as the massive Spanish Jam comp. Truly an embarrassment of riches, thank you!
Also, I should add that I used to follow the 30 Days of Dead challenge but haven't for awhile because there's too much fluff and those collections are too formless and unwieldy for me to do anything with. Would appreciate any more curated collections like this if you're ever so inclined!
I was at this Sunday Shoreline show and enjoyed hearing this Fire again.
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