Grateful Dead: 30 Days of Dead - 1970 Selections

This mix includes most of Dave Lemieux’s 1970 selections for the first twelve years of “30 Days of Dead” (2010-2021). Dave’s plucks provide a vivid take on the emergent, post-psychedelic band (acoustic and electric), as well as tracking the evolution of the jam songs that originated further back.

I have sequenced, volume-equalized, and established start/end-points, based on the raw “30 Days” tracks.

2.5-hour mp3 mix zipped up here

Disc One: New Stuff (75 minutes)

  • Friend of the Devil (6/7/70)
  • Little Sadie (2/23/70)
  • Candyman (5/1/70)
  • Uncle John’s Band (3/1/70)
  • I Know You Rider (5/1/70)
  • New Speedway Boogie (6/7/70)
  • Dire Wolf (12/31/70)
  • Cumberland Blues (2/11/70)
  • Black Peter (2/11/70)
  • Easy Wind (1/6/70) [WMD bonus track, 2001]
  • Mason’s Children (1/10/70)
  • Operator (9/18/70)
  • Attics of My Life (12/27/70)

Disc Two: Oldies (76 minutes)

  • Cold Rain and Snow (12/28/70)
  • New Minglewood Blues (12/26/70)
  • Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > (6/7/70)
  • The Main Ten (6/7/70)
  • Dark Star (2/14/70) [Long Strange Trip track, 2017]
  • China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider (2/1/70)

Inclusions and Exclusions:

  • I omitted one track that subsequently appeared on a Dave’s Picks.
  • I included two tracks that subsequently appeared as strays on later releases (see track list annotations, above). The 2/14 “Dark Star” is a great performance that fell through the cracks of both “Bear’s Choice” and “Dick’s Picks Vol. 4.” Cool that it was featured on “Long Strange Trip.”
  • I chose one “Friend of the Devil” from three Dave included in the “30 Days” series – the one Dave chose to include in three different years!
  • I chose the slow, 3/1/70, “Uncle John’s Band” over the two, additional fast ones from “30 Days” (2/11 and 5/1).
  • I chose the crispy, vocal-proper 2/11/70 “Cumberland Blues” over the somewhat murkier singing of 12/31/70.

Art: Marshall Frantz

16 responses
can't find Black Peter played 2/11/70
Travis, perhaps it is not circulating via fan tapes and setlists. It could be mislabeled, but it is dated 2/11/70 on the Spotify files for 2012 30 Days, which are presumably officially tagged.
Thanks for quick response. I don't see it on setlist for that show with any resource i use. But, maybe I'm just not looking in wrong place. deadnet,, etc
Same here. I looked around after you commented. So it's the wrong date or something only the GD vault had.
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