Grateful Dead: 1982 Summer Tour Mixtape #4 (A Real Good Time)

This 4th (of 5) Grateful Dead Summer ’82 mixtapes is exactly what the subtitle indicates. It corrals mostly up-tempo, feel-good numbers on which fiery performances and good soundboard mixes combined to create a real good time. You get to slow down your dancing and catch your breath at “Tennessee Jed” and “They Love Each Other.” 

There’s a bit of a 1st-set > 2nd set trajectory, with “Playin’ in the Band” making one of three appearances on these tour mixes, because it was a very good moment for that jam. This mix also includes another fine example of Jerry’s enthusiasm for cooking up interesting leads in “Space” during this tour. "Not Fade Away" makes its second (and final) appearance on the mixes, in the most jammed-out version.

This mixtape is the fourth of five drawn from the tour, which I’m numbering and posting in no particular order. Each tries to provide a different angle on the music. They’ll collect under the blog tag GD Summer ’82. 

106-minute mp3 mix zipped up here (dates and venues included in mp3 tags)

  • China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
  • The Music Never Stopped (reprise)
  • Cumberland Blues
  • Franklin’s Tower
  • Tennessee Jed
  • They Love Each Other
  • Playin’ in the Band >
  • Iko Iko
  • Improv: Jerry Has Some Ideas > 
  • Improv: Jerry’s Big Idea >
  • Not Fade Away
  • Sugar Magnolia
  • Casey Jones
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Really enjoying these mixes. Thanks again!
This is just so good once again. The China>Rider has such a pretty mid-part transition, almost like those from 73/74. Looking forward to number 5 which I am guessing may have some special selections, not yet heard on numbers 1-4. Thanks for all the hard work and please know the it is appreciated.
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