Foetus: 12-inches (1984)

Foetus (JG Thirlwell) released three amazing, extended disco-industrial 12-inches in 1984, the same year as the album “Hole,” and a year ahead of “Nail.”

As far as I can tell, these full-length tracks are currently unavailable to buy or stream, and they may never have been released digitally, except in shortened edits.

The compilation presented here uses my uncompressed vinyl rips, circa 2003, mildly EQ’ed to bring up the bottom end and blunt some high end needles, converted to 320kbps mp3s.

Thirlwell is still making great music! Official site and store.

45-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Calamity Crush (6:06)
  • Finely-Honed Machine (9:35)
  • Wash It All Off (6:12)
  • Today I Started Slogging Again (7:45)
  • Catastrophe Crush (7:09)
  • Sick Minutes (Unmutual) (8:51)

Original 12-inch art, x3: JG Thirlwell. 

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You are a gentleman and a scholar of epic proportion. Your dead short takes are enough to make any head swoon but this goes above and beyond. Amazing. 🙏🏼 Thank you. Local
Local Stain, wow, thanks!
Yeah man, you bet! There are certain things you assume have been lost to the sands of time and it's a might magical when you find they haven't been. You've made more than just me happy with this up. A number of my fellow music connoisseurs are just as happy as I am, if not more. So greater thanks than I can convey in this little box... Be well and take good care.
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