Faust for Beginners: Pastoral (1971-1975)

Get lost in an album’s worth of melancholy beauty from the early-1970s German band Faust – better known for its whimsy, chaos, progressive grooves, and metallic dub slabs. 

Faust was many bands at once, and their albums insisted on keeping them mixed up.

This mix pulls their most gorgeous recordings together into the Faustian equivalent of the 3rd Velvet Underground album.

Most of the band's music was created in an old schoolhouse in rural Wumme, Germany, which doubled as studio and home. The engineer the record label sent turned out to be Faust's perfect George Martin - genius Kurt Graupner.

The band's melancholy side matches the pastoral recording setting and seems to have been defined by Rudolf Sosna, who wrote, sang, played guitar and keyboard, and was involved in the mixing/production that achieved the atmospheres you'll find on this mix. 

49-minute mp3 mix zipped up here. (Source information and alternate titles included in song title tags.)

  • Hermann’s Lament >
  • I’ve Heard That One Before
  • Jennifer (alt mix)
  • Rudolf Der Pianist >
  • Party 8
  • Purzelbaum Mit Anschubsen >
  • Chère Chambre
  • Läuft ... Heisst... (alt mix) >
  • On The Way To Abamäe 
  • Flashback Caruso
  • Das Meer (full length)
  • Lampe An, Tür Zu, Leute Rein! >
  • Schön Rund
  • Rémaj7

Editing Notes:

• No internal edits of tracks.

• Starts and ends cleaned up in some cases.

• Several segues added, as noted by “>,” above.

• Volume equalized to match “The Wumme Years” boxed set, the baseline master I recognize for the bulk of Faust’s catalogue. (“Das Meer” volume adjusted in various ways.) Sources are that box, the 2006 “IV” expanded reissue, and the 2021 box including extra material.

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Firstly, let me just say that waking up on a Sunday to one of your mixes is always a treat. And having never heard of Faust before I was intrigued, to say the least. The thought of a laid back "pastoral" mix this morning sounded to good to resist so I gave it a shot. The music was surprising and great and I will be exploring the band's oeuvre in more depth. So once again, a sincere thank you for turning me on to something new and of course for all your work on this site in general. Your mixes get a lot of play and I eagerly look forward to them. Keep it up!
Harko, thank you so much for you confidence in the stuff I share! I hope you find more to love about Faust.
I also have never listened to Faust. Thanks for the intro!
Same here...thank you! I was totally unaware of this band. Very different. I especially like the track "Das Meer"
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