Brent Mydland (Featuring The Grateful Dead)

Possibly the best way to enjoy the compositions that Brent Mydland wrote and sang for The Grateful Dead is all by themselves. Pretend the band joined a solo artist to provide backing for a mid-80s album of his songs. An extended, soulful ride on an emotional rollercoaster. 

I didn’t struggle too hard picking versions, since there are lots of good ones for most songs. Some are released. 

68-minute mp3 mix zipped up here

  • Just a Little Light (3/26/90)
  • Far from Me (7/12/89)
  • Easy to Love You (3/22/90)
  • Never Trust a Woman (10/16/89)
  • Tons of Steel (4/8/85)
  • Revolutionary Hamstrung Blues (3/27/86)
  • Don’t Need Love (11/5/85)
  • Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (7/31/88)
  • Maybe You Know (4/20/83)
  • Blow Away (3/26/90)
  • We Can Run (9/29/89)
  • I Will Take You Home (6/88)

I think this includes every song Mydland wrote or co-wrote - and sang.

Caveat: "Far from Me" and "Easy to Love You" somehow got switched in the running order. The emotional energy works much better Easy > Far. I recommend you swap 'em.