Dark Starlets: A Europe ’72 Single-Song Mega-Mix

This mix is comprised of 21 musical segments drawn from all the “Dark Stars” performed during the Europe ’72 tour. They are arranged into two 64-minute sequences, each of which begins with the song’s intro, and each of which contains a verse. It’s all “forward moving” improvisation, whether on the “Dark Star” theme or farther afield. There’s no “space,” though the segments wind up and wind down from spacey zones, such that The Dead’s development of each musical angle here is respected, and the result feels more or less like a single performance, with ebbs and flows. If you’ve ever imagined a one-hour or two-hour “Dark Star” that never completely spaces out and keeps finding new melodic avenues, this is for you.

192kbps mp3s sourced from the official Europe '72 box (and reloaded to fix a defect)

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That 4/8/72 jam is on the shortlist for greatest all time. Always gets me. Ultimate doozy.
And there it is again in 4/14/72. Hot shit!
Surely some enterprising Dead maniac, who is also a musician, has developed a list of recurring jam themes by key, rhythm, basic changes, etc., that gets way beyond "Spanish Jam" and "Mind Left Body Jam."
Yeah, I'm not sure it's quite a MLB jam, wondering if it occurs in other transitions from Dark Star to Sugar Mags. Something really blissful about that transition, how it builds, is familiar but not quite recognizable, playful, and resolves.
I'm geting a big kick out of this. Love to hear a take on The other one.
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