Brown Eyed Women – May ’77 Extended Edit

This 12-minute edit combines the solo sections of nine May 1977 performances of “Brown Eyed Women.”  

It was suggested by @samvega_pasada, who also chose 5/28 as the version to lead off, with the first vocal section and solo. The closing vocal section comes from 5/8. 

In addition to the 12-minute edit, the download also includes a division of the edit into its 11 constituent, dated tracks, in case you’re curious or want to access the solos individually. They flow the same way as the completed edit.

I previously did this to a bunch of 1990s Grateful Dead performances of "Tomorrow Never Knows." 

Zipped up mp3 file here

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Clever and really enjoyable, thanks John.
Fabulous, thanks for taking the time. I once lined up a whole bunch of Bertha's and then kept skipping literally thru all of Garcia's solos. It's a very interesting and important concept - because it is not totally crazy to suggest that sometimes to wade thru a whole show or a whole song we all know so well just for those precious minutes of Garcia Gold is maybe not our most efficient allocation of our short time to be here.
Tony, Bertha would be a great song to do that to!
Yeah! the song really brings out some fabulous, concentrated solos, and different every time. I don't have the software, or even access to all my Dead at the moment. But I might start thinking about which are the standouts...
I love the way this kind of listening really focuses the ears on what's going on, the interplay (or not) among the band, and so on. Autumn 1977 is rich pickings, especially if it's the 29th of the month ;)
This is so good. I was blown away and am now going through the rest of your blog. So beautiful man. My request for something like this would be Pretty Peggy-O. What software did you use? Thanks again for bringing the sunshine to strangers day!
KB, that was a great suggestion. Thank you. I have just about completed a 5/77 mega-Peggy-O. It would be cool to do the same with other eras, but 5/77 offers a good matched set of mostly-released recordings.
Literally got goose bumps reading your post. I really enjoyed reading your post on "Letters from Latvala" I've been listening to the 36 from the vault podcast and they brought up the idea of The Other One being the acid test for the band in different eras instead of Dark Star. I didn't agree at first either, but after thinking about it he may be right. Good Stuff man.
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