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I don’t have any analytics attached to this blog, nor does Dropbox supply any metrics on downloads. Therefore, I know very little about who is coming here and whether or not they end up listening to what I post. I do know that there’s quite a bit of traffic, and that (based on posted comments) at least a few people are getting a lot of joy out the material I post. Looking for evidence of the blog on the web, I’d guess that it’s enjoying fast and slow viral creeps thanks largely to Tyler Wilcox and his “Gloom and Doom from the Tomb” blog. 

Giving a few people beyond myself and a few friends some joy is, quite honestly, why this blog is here. The mixes happen regardless; this is a public parking lot for them. I don't promote the blog in any way.

Nonetheless, at about the one-year point, I’m curious to know how you got here, if you’re downloading stuff, if you're someone who keeps coming back, and if my sense of what’s good and how to arrange it is actually rewarding for others. 

This is first and foremost a place where I post my personal curations of The Grateful Dead, 1972-1974, with occasional entries from other years of the Dead’s history. Lately, I’ve posted some curations of unreleased, semi-released, and sometimes fully-released-but-reconfigured material by other artists - Prince, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Clash, and some other post-punk bands. Is that a good idea, or should I stick to the Dead? 

All feedback welcome and appreciated.

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Follow your heart (and ears)! I came for the Dead but I enjoy all the products of your incredibly detailed work. The Stones and Dylan material was really good. I still haven't unpacked half the Prince material I got from Willardswormhole (RIP) so I haven't checked out your Prince material. Thanks again
John, I'm not sure how I found your blog, but I'm glad that I did. I like your Dead postings and would like to see more of them. Have enjoyed the non - Dead material immensely. More Dead would be appreciated, but these side trips into Dylan, The Clash, The Stones, etc., have been fascinating as well. I hope that you continue on. Thanks for everything that you have posted up to now.
hey man - loving this blog. downloaded a shit load of the dead stuff - and the prince selection was awesome too. keep it up!
I agree with previous comments. Hours of enjoyment indeed!
I came for the Dead, and will stay for anything path you take. Thanks for doing this. I consider all your mixes "context shifters" - you take something I thought I knew incredibly well, and present it in a new light. That's wonderful.
Hey John, thanks a lot for doing this! I've been really loving the Dead stuff. I think I found my way here through a friend of a friend who posted something on FB. As much as I love the other artists that you've been veering off into, I'm more drawn to the Dead posts. Probably just where I'm at right now. Would love to see you start considering some other worthy eras to focus on as well...but then again, there has been no shortage of amazing and interesting stuff from 72-74. Anyway, thanks for all you do!
Like so many other commenters, came for the Dead, stayed for Prince, The Stones The Dead's catalogue is vast, great to have an excellent curator sharing insight and sound. Thank you.
Thank you for the comments, everyone. Very encouraging - and helpful. There are some limitations built into this project (or these projects), such that it won't go on forever. As far as The Dead goes, I went out of my way to collect large quantities of '72-'74 SBDs some years back (plus the "Allah" sessions), but I don't have any other year covered in the same way. I rely on what The Dead release (and some precious bootlegs) for my understanding of most years, so I'm not the person to curate them. However, I'll keep posting 1972-1974 Dead "shortlists" until I run out of shows. I can't hope to master The Grateful Dead before I die, but I'm hoping to master 1972-1974. As far as the non-Dead, "side trips" material, I've already posted a large slab of the projects (or weird ideas) I've pushed through to a final, shareable product that I think adds listener value without being a bad-faith share of someone else's property. I want to be a good fan, an advocate, a committed DJ, not a bootlegger, competing with the artists I love. (If I could share my curations as Spotify playlists, I would. Lossy mp3s is my compromise.) I think there are a few more worthy non-Dead projects to post, in terms of good-faith value-adds that might make old or new fans prick up their ears: Dylan 1970, Beck's beautiful side, and an alternative 4th Velvet Underground album. Beyond that, it gets pretty esoteric: I could try to sell you on Cheap Trick, 1997-2009, from both Beatle-y and punk rock perspectives. I have a fake Steely Dan album called "Gaucho 3," made up of Fagan solo and latter-day Dan tracks, tracing a path from blind Fifties optimism through the end of the world. Like any good obsessive, I've tried my hand at making "Beatle" albums out of Seventies solo-Beatles material. (Spoiler alert: You really can't.)
Hey John - love this blog. Thanks so much for doing this. Speaking of alternate versions of records; have you ever heard "Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg?" - aka "Combat Rock" as it was originally intended? I love the distilled shows, btw; you've encouraged me to make some playlists that cut out some parts of a show...thanks again. Keep posting!
Jim Martin - I have indeed spent time with "Rat Patrol." I like it better than "Combat Rock," but I still don't like that Clash music very much. However, you've reminded me that I put together a "Sandinista Live" mix from bootlegs...
Love the blog and really appreciate all your curatorial efforts. I came for the Dead (via Doom and Gloom From the Tomb), but I'm really digging your recent forays into other realms. Excited to see what's coming up next. Thanks for everything!
It's all been interesting to me thus far, though I was disappointed to find the Prince compilation comprised of 128CBR tracks. I find 192CBR is the lower limit of what I find listenable, and while I wish everything would be posted in 320 I understand and accept the compromise of 192 for the shortlists and so forth. I can't hack 128 for anything musical though (128 is fine for spoken word/audiobooks but not much else) and I reluctantly deleted that stuff unheard.
Aaron, sorry about the 128 Prince, but that's the rate of the pile of Prince I was working with. I stick to the rate of my source material on this blog, topping out at 320 for material that starts out lossless.
I just got here! By way of the equally enthralling Doom & Gloom blog. No complaints so far. The Dead postings will be a long and colorful journey, thank you for your curation. Meanwhile I'm getting at that Cheap Trick compilation.
John what a magnificent blog you have that I have come across. I have been into the Grateful Dead since Live Dead in 1969. I have a massive collection of Grateful Dead and related. It is so nice that your mixes are so well thought out and done so well. I really like getting to the prime cuts so quick and easy. Thanks for all your hard work!
Noticing your affection and depth into The GD, and for the jamming and superfluous schmatta LOL, was wondering if you have ever listened to the Grayfolded set by John Oswald? [] It is essentially a two-disc, double set of just Dark Star performed live over their career, remixed in a faux-bootleg manner, and it is my favorite Dead album, albeit an artificial one ;)
Fredrick, I am a fan of "Grayfolded" and like it better now than I used to, when I wanted it to be a more straightforward compilation of "Dark Stars."
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