The Velvet Underground: “Sister Ray” Single Edit (1967)

Given that The Velvet Underground were essentially a far-out R&B band, you can almost imagine “Sister Ray”as a single on Stax in 1968, the 17-minute album version cut down and split into Part 1 and Part 2. Instead, the single went out into instant oblivion on the Pickwick label, the organization Lou Reed was associated with before The Velvet Underground came to be. 

Of course, there was no “Sister Ray” single, but there could have been and maybe should have been. 

Here it is. 

Sister Ray (pt. 1): 3:04

Sister Ray (pt. 2): 3:21

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I may be the only person in the last 50 years who has always wanted a shorter Sister Ray, but in any case many thanks. Should you ever feel inclined to release another download that doesn't fade out/in between "sides" so the song can be played as a cohesive 6+-minute entity, let us know.
Hi, Steve. You're not the only one! Two friends dared me to try to make a "Sister Ray" single edit (from some version), which is how this came about. I don't think I'll try to join them up, but I will eventually be posting an 8.5 minute edit of the 5-11-69 version, which is more like what you're suggesting.
Thanks, John, for the response. I've loved the song for decades, but always felt the studio version, anyway, reached a point of diminishing returns after about 12 minutes, which is to say nothing was happening after that point that much furthered the impact the song already had made. I'm pretty sure this is a minority opinion, and am well aware there are live versions half an hour long. In the meantime I'll certainly keep an ear out for your 8+-minute version.
Steve, I agree. The LP version leaves me cold - thin sounding and mostly grooveless. So, I like it better as this edited, grungy little rocker. I think some of the live versions will persuade you that it can please for more than 10 minutes, in a variety of ways. You might enjoy the 10-18-69 version (10 minutes, very chill) that I included on my BOOTLEG1969 mix.
I love this - it's really well done. Like others, I've always found the 17 minute LP cut a bit taxing. I have no doubt I'll be listening to this homebrew edit a lot. Thank you!
Thank you, Phil!
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