Shortlist: May 19, 1974 - Portland, OR

A 72-minute mix from two excellent SBD sources, all dead air trimmed off. 192kbps mp3s

  • Big Railroad Blues
  • China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
  • Wharf Rat
  • Truckin’ >
  • Jam >
  • Mind Left Body Jam >
  • Not Fade Away >
  • Goin’ Down the Road
  • Ship of Fools
  • U.S. Blues
  • [bonus track]

I can’t think of any passage of 72-74 Dead that is as exuberant, buoyant, bouncy, and cheerful as the 32 minutes of “Truckin’” through “Goin’ Down the Road” in this show. The pure playing is going so well by the time they get to “Not Fade Away,” that both it and “GDTRFB” are as much continuations of free playing as they are stand-alone songs. There’s just an attitude that carries through the full half-hour sequence.

Much the same can be said of “China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider,” the weird super-cheerfulness of the show peaking in an anomalous event: When Jerry begins his first line in “I Know You Rider,” (around the 2:40 mark), what sounds like a clutch of swooning groupies next to the stage lets out a big cheer. Good times.

There are a lot of songs here that also appear on “Skullfuck” and “Europe ’72,” but these aren’t anything like those.

Shortlist philosophy: Start with a good soundboard of an unreleased show, and keep only what you honestly want to hear again and again. Be song-agnostic; look for outstanding performances of anything and everything, and reject an average performance of any song, no matter how grand that song’s status as a big song may be. Whatever’s left, edit out the tuning and other delays, and arrange everything into a pleasing sequence. Share the results in lossy mp3 format, in the spirit of the cassette tape trading of my youth, diligently not trying to compete with or annoy Grateful Dead Enterprises, whose property this music is.