Side Trips: The Rolling Stones “Some Girls” Companions

Three disc companion, in mp3 format, here

I spent untold hours collecting and assessing Rolling Stones bootlegs, 1969-1981, and ended up with a 13-disc live/studio companion that I shared with  a few friends via a flash drive titled “Jumping Jack Flash Drive.”

For the purposes of this dodgy bootleg blog, I’m including just three installments associated with the “Some Girls” sessions/tour, which the Stones really failed to represent adequately with their recent re-release and bonus disc.

This period was arguably the band's last gasp as a working band, and the sessions resulted in a huge number of songs, finished, half-finished, and roughly-sketched. At least one version of everything that was at least close to half-finished is included here, unless the only version I could find had audio too shitty to tolerate.

The sessions also provide an amazing demonstration of the band's core competency as a rhythm & blues outfit. They often warmed up in the studio playing the blues, and a large amount of such material was recorded during these sessions. I definitely prefer it to the '72 Dallas rehearsals, the only other substantial recording of such material I know of.

Lastly, the '78 U.S. tour is generally regarded as a sloppy mess, but when it wasn't, it was far, far better than the '76 tour, and IMO really delightful. They played all but two of the "Some Girls" songs, so there was lots of fresh material to enliven their usual cruise through older hits. I picked versions from shows that were recorded for FM broadcast, but I can't tell you anymore which songs came from which shows, except for "Hound Dog," the chaotic show-opener from Memphis. This mix includes almost every song they played on the tour.

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I've long dreamed of getting a huge compendium of unreleased Stones material from late '60s to early '80s, so I'm very intrigued to read about your Jumping Jack Flash Drive. I don't happen to know you; but any chance I could send you a flash drive with return postage, and enjoy the results of your assiduous anthologizing? Thank you for any consideration. -- Jon H. (Amherst, MA)
Any chance you might post any of the earlier material? Would love to hear what you came up with pre 73.
Howard, just click the "Rolling Stones" tag on this "Some Girls" post, and you'll find exactly (I hope) what you are looking for.