Shortlist: Rehearsal Highlights - February 25, 1994

The day of The Grateful Dead’s first show of 1994, a rehearsal was caught on tape. It features funny banter, as well as members of the band exploring several cover tunes, with an emphasis on The Beatles. 

The Grateful Dead never covered “Strawberry Fields Forever” live, but Phil and Vince did explore it. The full band also rehearsed a version of The Beatles’ “Rain” that has charms above and beyond their live concert versions. This rehearsal version is comparable to The Velvet Underground’s “Temptation Inside Your Heart,” wherein ad hoc commentary from the singers becomes an integral part of the recorded performance. 

This material is not the best of 1994 Dead (look elsewhere on this blog for that), but it’s a fun snapshot.

12-minute mp3 mix here

  • PA: Nobody Told Me About This Rehearsal
  • 1970s Throwback Phil Jam (Phil, Vince, Bobby, Jerry)
  • PA: Phil Wants to Do Strawberry Fields >
  • Lucy in the Sky Approximately (Phil & Vince)
  • Rain (The Grateful Dead)