Shortlist: March 24, 1973 – Philadelphia, PA

Disc 1 (60 minutes):

  • Here Comes Sunshine (instrumental edit)
  • Me & Bobby McGee
  • They Love Each Other
  • Stella Blue
  • Looks Like Rain
  • Tennessee Jed
  • Me & My Uncle
  • Playing in the Band

Disc 2 (64 minutes):

  • He’s Gone >
  • Truckin’ >
  • Jam 1 >
  • Bass & Drums >
  • Jam 2 >
  • Spanish Jam >
  • Spacey Connective Tissue >
  • Jam 3 (Twilight Zoney) >
  • Dark Star >
  • Sing Me Back Home
  • Box of Rain

192kbps mp3 download

(Bad link repaired.)

This is a very good show, and while I wouldn’t put the jam sequence coming out of “Truckin’” in the top tier of such passages, it is excellent and focused. I took the trouble to edit it into its constituent pieces, because the band deliberately starts and pursues each one; there’s very little noodling around looking for the next collective move. If you listen to the trailing off of the “Truckin’” jam, you’ll hear Jerry ask the band about “Dark Star,” by playing the opening notes quietly. No one goes for it; instead they decide to make some music from scratch. Nonetheless, they’re ready to make good on Jerry’s hint 20 minutes later, when all of a sudden we drop cleanly into “Dark Star” and a verse.

All the stand-alone songs are stand-up versions, and I even pulled aside a “Box of Rain,” which is about as good as it got live in this period. The only radical edit I made was on “Here Comes Sunshine,” removing the extremely awful singing, and turning it into a seamless “instrumental version.” The final singing of the title line at the end is still there (no other way to resolve the song), so you can decide for yourself how much more of that you could have handled. 

Shortlist philosophy: Start with a good soundboard of an unreleased show, and keep only what you honestly want to hear again and again. Be song-agnostic; look for outstanding performances of anything and everything, and reject an average performance of any song, no matter how grand that song’s generic status as a big deal may be. Whatever’s left, edit out the tuning and other delays, and arrange everything into a pleasing sequence. Share the results in lossy mp3 format, in the spirit of the cassette tape trading of my youth, diligently not trying to compete with or annoy Grateful Dead Enterprises, whose property this music is.