Shortlist: June 22, 1973 - Vancouver, BC

90 minutes of gold, extracted from a messy, 240-minute show - 192kbps mp3 download:

Episode 1 (48 minutes):

  • Here Comes Sunshine (instrumental edit) (8:16)
  • Bird Song (13:45)
  • A Few Words from Phil (0:19)
  • Playin’ in the Band (18:34)
  • Looks Like Rain (6:58)

Episode 2 (45 minutes):

  • China Cat Sunflower > I Know You, Rider (14:01)
  • Jam > (8:36)
  • The Other One > (6:59)
  • Industrial Space > (6:15)
  • The Other One. (2:06)
  • Sugaree (7:24)

I have only had this show for a couple of years, and it has steadily grown in stature for me, as I’ve listened to and pruned it. It is a concert plagued by errors, a combination of flubbed vocals, bum notes, and non-synchronized swimming.

Over time, a number of performances that are otherwise strong have fallen by the wayside, due to fumbles and dreary patches (e.g., “Jack Straw,” “Big River,” “Row Jimmy,” “Wharf Rat”). “Here Comes Sunshine” made it through with some plastic surgery. 

Jerry forgot the first line of the song and the first line of the reprise, and therefore understandably never quite seems sure of where he is among the lines that he has sung or not sung. Maybe that’s why everyone sounds so excited to jump into the instrumental breaks; it is, in fact, an exciting “Here Comes Sunshine,” instrumentally speaking. So, I’ve edited out the verse/chorus trainwrecks and made it the jammy overture to the shortlist.

Similarly, there’s a long jam out of “Truckin’,” in the full show, including a “Drums & Bass” segment, but it never quite reaches anywhere fantastic. Then, eight-and-a-half minutes from “The Other One,” a wonderful stand-alone jam materializes and keeps going.  So I started at the point that jam began to materialize.

The jam might be the diamond of the show, but the gentle-to-the-point-of-near-evaporation “Birdsong” might be a contender too.  Keith's electric piano is a big part of both of them. And, even as a slut for “Playin’ in the Band” jams from this period, I think this is a notable one. It doesn’t just go to the Playin’ place; it hunts around.

So, here’s my shortlist case for this show, mined out of a sequence where other stuff went badly wrong or failed to surmount meh. You'll still hear a few wobbles in what I've chosen. There’s even an uncertain moment in the two and a half minute stem song of “Playin',” something you'd think muscle memory alone would make impossible. 

All in all, I think this is a show where The Grateful Dead mechanism was poorly calibrated to perform songs and well calibrated to groove and explore. It's 90/240ths fantastic – or 37.5% absolutely worth your attention.

Many thanks to the anonymous master version editor who interpolated quality patches so seamlessly. 

Shortlist philosophy: Start with a good soundboard of an unreleased show, and keep only what you honestly want to hear again and again. Be song-agnostic; look for outstanding performances of anything and everything, and reject an average performance of any song, no matter how grand that song’s generic status as a big deal may be. Whatever’s left, edit out the tuning and other delays, and arrange everything into a pleasing sequence. Share the results in lossy mp3 format, in the spirit of the cassette tape trading of my youth, diligently not trying to compete with or annoy Grateful Dead Enterprises, whose property this music is.