Goodnight Jerry: The Final Three Shows (July 6-9, 1995)

If I were to tell you that The Grateful Dead played a considerable amount of impressive music during their final three concerts in 1995, you’d probably tell me to prove it. 

2 LP mp3 mix here

  • Liberty (5:37)
  • Cassidy (6:58)
  • Eternity (9:14)
  • When I Paint My Masterpiece (5:00)
  • Visions of Johanna (9:11)
  • Terrapin Breeze (2:30)
  • Eyes of the World (18:36)
  • Stella Blue (7:39)
  • Terrapin Thunder > Jam (7:30)
  • So Many Roads (11:45)
  • Black Muddy River (5:18)


  • Source dates included in song title tags.
  • These are the final performances of all these songs, obviously.
  • This is a justifiably famous “Visions of Johanna.”
  • "Black Muddy River" was the encore on the last night. "So Many Roads" was the last Jerry song in the second set that night. 
  • There are no edits in this mix, except for “Terrapin Station.” There are some errors, but aren't there always?
  • All sources are soundboards, although that for the 6th is inferior to the other two. 
  • I’d planned to make it the last four shows, but nothing from 7/5 made the cut.

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I happened upon a couple other Deadfan sites and the consensus view is to talk major smack on these shows. I dunno, but this hit my ears very sweetly. I really dug it. I could see playing this in a record store and watching people smile as they flipped through the bins. Thanks for putting this together. I liked it.
Lee, thanks for the comment. We feel the same way about this music. As shows, these final shows are definitely sad. Garcia just doesn't play much, or only plays the minimum a lot of the time. But as the material presented here indicates, he wasn't categorically checked out or "gone"; he was game but struggling, and he won that struggle on some songs.
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